Factors That Make Customers Interested In Buying Products

Factors That Make Customers Interested In Buying Products

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05 March 2019

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When you run a business, the things that you need are tactic and strategy to make it grow. In general, the owner purpose is to get a large profit from their business. The point is to get as many customers as possible.

Various strategies has been applied by owner so that customers will be interested in buying these products. So the question is customer really interested and willing to buy the products that offered by the seller? The answer is it might be problematical. There are certain factors that influence customer buying behaviour. So what exactly customers think about when they want to buy a product?

1. Needs Factor
The first factor that makes customer interested in buying the product is based on what they need. You need to know in advance what their needs are. That way you can find easily an approach to sell you product to customers.

2. Desire Factor
When customers think about their desires, there are opportunities for business people to sell their products to customers. That's why you can call desire factor is also one important reason that makes customers buy these products.

3. Environmental Influence Factor
Environmental Influence is also play an important role in influence customer buying behavior. The form are advertisement, word of mouth marketing, and testimonials.

4. Situation Factor
There are several situations that strengthten the influence of customers to buy products offered. The situation factor here would be natural conditions, certain moments, or urgent situations. For example customer will buy umbrella or raincoats when the rainy season is arrive.

Those are the factors that make customers interested in buy product. As a businessman, you must be observant to read those factors. It will make sales traffic go increase. You must to know what the customers thinks when they buy the products.

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