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5 Reasons Why Out of Home Media is Getting Popular Among Advertisers

5 Reasons Why Out of Home Media is Getting Popular Among Advertisers

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26 October 2018

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Out of home media such as billboard, videotron, banner, neon box, and so on is growing and being chosen by advertisers as advertisement media. It's because 70 % of population have high mobility. That's why they are often do activities outside. The opportunity for them to see the ad is become higher.

So many advertisers choose to advertise their product on billboards or another out of home media. In addtition, there are 3 other reasons why out of home media become popular among advertisers. Check it out.

1. Advertisers Able to Choose Location Based on Their Need
Out of home media are more flexible. Advertisers able to choose location according to their need and their target market. Advertisers will get more potential and strategic locations, such as airport, airplane, public transportation, vehicles, train, even in public area.

It will create a great penetration to target market.

2. Out of Home media is More Effective than Other Advertisement Media
Out of home media are more effective compared to other advertising media. Out of home media has potential to promote product and service to public. It's a good opportunity to let people know about the product promotion.

3. To Reach a Wider Audiences
Advertisers can take advantage in a crowded city. When you promote your product in a crowded and strategic area, you can reach a wide audience. That's why a good billboard must be placed in area that has a high density to get a a high viewer.

4. Attract People's Attention
Out of home media is enough to attract people's attention. Especially if it's supported by clear and high quality visual. It will certainly attract the attention of a wide audience.

5. The Large Size of Advertising 
Because the large size of billboard media, the visual that displayed also has a big size. It's about 4 m x 8 m, and 5 m x 10 m. The product advertisement looks impressive in the middle of city. 

That are the reasons why out of home media is highly popular among advertisers. Are you interested to advertise your product and service on those media? You can contact us directly.
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