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The Advantages of Advertising with Videotron

The Advantages of Advertising with Videotron
Videotron advertising is one type of effective and attractive advertising

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18 January 2018

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In this modern era the competition is getting tighter. Including competition on the sale of goods and services. Consumers are also now more selective, preferring to make transactions that can meet their needs with the best quality and the best price as well.

One solution that producers are looking for is to advertise, promote the benefits of their products. OOH Ads present to meet the needs of the advertisers. In addition to offering billboard points in a very strategic area, we also offer videotron advertising services. A videotron ad is a digital ad with a moving visual image.

Of course videotron advertising has many advantages, and is a fairly effective advertising and attractive. Why is it attractive? Ad content on videotron is not monotonous and boring. This type of ad is very effectively installed at traffic light points, so the riders who are trapped in red lights, can kill his boredom while watching a videotron ad. In addition to the points close to the traffic lights, these ads are also effectively installed in areas with high levels of congestion. It is like helping the riders to kill his boredom. With a moving visuals, the message displayed can create a brand image in the minds of the people who see it.

The videotron ads themselves can be utilized to showcase product benefits in more detail than regular billboards. This ad is similar to an ordinary ad on television, but can reach more riders. The advertiser is also be able to apply the right advertising characteristics and get the right target market. For example, since videotron ads are mostly seen by bikers or cars, vehicle oil ads or vehicle ads are become the advertising products worth for considering.

Some of our LED products are in some areas in Jakarta

Pesanggrahan (Puri Kembangan) - Jakbar (Size 4x6 Horizontal) LED


Warung Jati Barat (Buncit) - Jaksel (Size 4x6 Horizontal) LED


Buncit In front of Toko Voucher - Jaksel (Size 4x6 Horizontal) LED

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