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Jakarta And LED Billboard

Jakarta And LED Billboard
Billboard LED play an important role to add to the glitter of the capital city of Jakarta. What about conventional billboards?

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16 January 2018

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Jakarta, as the capital of the country is now moving a discourse to solidify Billboard LED ads. Jakarta will be made even more glamorous with colorful LED ads. Is this discourse really effective? Will it harm the advertisers of conventional billboards? Like a coin that has two sides, a policy applied certainly has two effects as well, the positive and negative effects. The positive effect is Jakarta will be more beautiful, sparkling, and modern look like in the cities abroad.But never forget there is a negative effect behind it. The negative effect is that outdoor media advertisers and advertisers react because of their fear of eroding their business.

In the midst of competition billboard agency is getting tight and must be fast-paced, Agency is encouraged to continue to innovate so as not to run over the economy. Keep abreast of the times, and always make good changes following the rules. LED entrepreneurs certainly eager to hear this discourse. By talking about the advantages of LED advertising versus conventional billboards, That LED ads will help beautify the city's visuals, make the capital look more attractive and attractive, and make the capital a very worthy to be mirrored the state of Indonesia.

But there are vital things that are forgotten. How is the fate of billboard businessmen in the capital? To create an LED billboard would require no small cost. Then the installation tariff for LED ads is also quite expensive compared to conventional billboard advertising. If the billboard entrepreneur can not fulfill that, then his company will be threatened with bankruptcy. How is the fate of millions of its employees?

So it is with advertisers who have small and medium-sized businesses, new companies whose profits are not too big, and companies that are crawling. They used to do promotions with conventional billboards to build branding and promotion. They will run their promotional system to other media, because they can not pay the cost for LED advertisement.

So by considering the goodness for all parties, then the advertisement of LED billboards and conventional billboards are very supportive of each other.

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