The Importance of Brand Activation

The Importance of Brand Activation
What is Brand Activation and How The Implementation System?

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03 July 2017

In marketing, especially when it related to promotion, brand activation is very important. In addition to increase the sales, brand activation is use to increase brand awareness in customer's mind.

What is Brand Activation and How The Implementation System?

In marketing strategy, brand activation is one of promotion by trying to engage to customers and prospective customers. Conduct a direct interaction to the customer, introduce the products more detail, and strengthen the relationship between the company's product and customers. 

Brand activation has function to create trust between customers and company's product, so customers will able to buy the products with pleasure and on their own initiative. Brand activation is success when the strategy able to have broad impact, the customer interested to buy, and the sales traffic increased.

How to Implement it?

A lot of marketing strategies that used in case to run the brand activation. Check some examples of brand activation below:

1. Create an event that holds a direct interaction to the customers

2. Create replicas of products with unique concept and packaging.

3. Distribute product samples.

4. Hold an interactive quiz in social media on instagram and facebook.

5. Hold an interactive quiz at the mall or shopping centres

Brand activation is one of the most challenging marketing strategies, but when it succeeds, this marketing strategy able to boost the company's product sales. So how is your brand activation strategy?


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