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Advertising Ideas For Coffee Business Entrepreneurs

Advertising Ideas For Coffee Business Entrepreneurs
Ads must be creative and should attract the attention of road users.

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18 April 2017

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Various culinary business in Indonesia which also supported by growth up coffee shop in many big cities, shows that our economy was moving forward. Young people and executive worker become depend on coffee shop warm ambience, brewed coffee, The delicious feeling of the coffee sensation that wets the oral cavity. Enjoy a cup of coffee has become a trend for the modern generation. Chatting, joking, hanging out with old friends, or even working can be done there.

Then how the opportunity to advertise about it? Abroad was also experiencing the same trend. For the entrepreneur of the coffee shop business, can also see the concept of advertising they serve. Who knows by knowing their ad concept is interesting, you become inspired to advertise.

Coffee Ads on Asphalt

Have you ever imagined going to see a coffee advertisement in that was steaming and smoke out where you walked? Never? Do you think that is impossible? The coffee advertisement of some company breaks down the notion that advertising on the highway by presenting a steaming coffee is impossible.

The company utilizes a culvert cover under which is already in a steaming smoke setting. Then on the top of the culvert was plastered with a coffee sticker and its contents. Can be seen coffee is like a real hot coffee, complete with smoke.

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