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5 Best Ideas For Creative Billboards

5 Best Ideas For Creative Billboards
Lets dive into advertising industry and feels the creativity in the air!

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13 April 2017

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Nowadays billboard not only use as out of home advertising media and media information about new offers, promo product, or campaign. There are a lot of advertising agency that create billboard to attracted people's attention. Funny billboards will get customer's attention with their unique slogan or featured product. Unique billboard will amaze people on the road and makes them laughing. Brand awareness will automatically stay in their mind.

Lets appreciate these ads and the agency who created this.  They did a fantastic job. It will be a great source for our inspiration. The great way is when you make a creative billboard sign and  using the surroundings to your advantage.

1. Stripes Convenience Store

Sluuuurrrp... lets drink happiness. How creative they are combine the straw on billboard and the blue billboard pole.

2. Fed Ex

 This billboard is super creative. The message from this billboard running through your mind "Anything happened, we deliver your package safely, so you can trust us".

3. Porsche

Ride Porsche, and you will become fearless.

4. Miele Company

Looks the vacum cleaner, it suck up the air balloon perfectly.

5. Ipod + iTunes

Lets enjoy the music!


Creative already and gives you ideas to create attractive billboard. Go ahead!



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