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Medan, Why Do You Have to Advertise Here?

Medan, Why Do You Have to Advertise Here?
Advertiser, grab your opportunity to increase your product sales at Medan. Find out how awesome this city!

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11 April 2017

Medan is one of the important city at Indonesia, the third largest city. It's located at North Sumatera, and it is become major metropolis. People call it busy city, the economic hub and commercial centre for the region. Every sector at Medan is already grow up so well, you can find a lot of business industry, culinary, and tourism attraction here. Beside Bandung and Yogyakarta, foreign tourist and local tourist already attracted and flying into Medan to explore more. The city already give the service as a great city with wonderful tradition and fast grow up environtment.
Many visitors come here for business trip even for holiday. Lets talk about how wonderful Medan is. How much this city will give you chance to increase your sales of product and campaign? We will tell you one by one. But first lets see the beautiful side of Medan:
1. Maimun Palace (Istana Maimun)
The palace is located at Jl. Katamso Medan, and near by Masjid Raya. This one become the favorite place for resident, the one with strong architecture. People will able to recall the strong history from building.
2.  Great Mosque of Medan (Masjid Raya Medan)
The most favorite place to visit is great mosque of Medan. The mosque was built in the year 1906 and completed in 1909. Its located in the heart of Medan. For more detail at Jl. Sisingamangaraja number 718, Medan, North Sumatera province, one complex with Maimun Palace. The architectural style looks so modern that combines Middle Eastern, Indian, and Spanish. The mosque is one of building that attracted people to come. 
3. Graha Santa Maria Velangkani
If you travel for spiritual and religious tourism, you have to visit this place. Graha Santa Maria Velangkani is located at Jl. Sakura III number 7-10 Tanjung Selamat Medan. This Catholic church was built at since 2001 by Pastor James Bharataputra S.J. Many people admire the architecture and come here to take a photo.
4. Merdeka Walk
Do you like culinary travel? When you visit medan, you should come to Merdeka Walk. You will able to find any kind of food here. This collection of outdoor eateries in Lapangan Merdeka offers everything from Asian food, American grilled food, European food, and dessert stalls. One of the busy place in the night with glamourous light, live music, and happy laugh. Its inpired by Singapore's alfresco dining. The concept for dining attracted young adult even teen to come and eat here.
There are a lot of interesting spot to explore, and will give you proof that Medan is awesome city. So advertisers, don't ever doubt to advertise your campaign in this city. We offers a lot of billboard at Medan area. Our billboard located at the busy area, crowded with traffic, near by offices, shops, and business centre. You have a big opportunity to grow your product image here With a lot of tourism attraction, business centre, mall, and a lot of residences.
1. Jl. Asia
2. HM Yamin
3. Iskandar Muda
4. Jl. Karantina
5. Jl. Sumatera
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