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Want to Advertise in a Strategic Location? Tendean Maharaja is The Right Place

 Want to Advertise in a Strategic Location? Tendean Maharaja is The Right Place
Untuk mengiklankan sebuah produk pada billboard harus memperhatikan sisi strategis lokasi-nya. Salah satu lokasi strategis yang kami miliki adalah billboard di Jl. Kapten Tendean Maharaja.

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03 April 2017

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Speaking of advertising on billboards will not be endless, There is always something interesting that can be raised about billboards. Advertising billboards should have a certain strategy. One of the most effective strategies of course is to put the right ads on the right billboard location.

We would like to introduce our strategic billboard location, located on Jl. Captain Tendean Mampang South Jakarta near Hotel Maharaja. Billboard specifications:

Location: Jl. Captain Tendean Mampang

Type: Billboard Vertical

Size: 6x12 Meter Two Front

 Kode: OOHMV062

Directions of View: From Jl. Captain Tendean to Wolter Monginsidi

 Kode: OOHMV063

Directions of View: From Wolter Monginsidi to Jl. Tendean Mampang


billboard ini adalah untuk produk yang berhubungan dengan kebutuhan karyawan serta lifestyle.

The location of this billboard is located very strategically in the city of Jakarta. Surrounded with offices, banks and hotels. This area will be filled by a vehicle on a morning when people want to go to work. As well as in the afternoon when people have come home to work. For the right products that can be advertised on this billboard is for products that relate to the needs of employees and lifestyle.

Products that are suitable to be advertised are supermarket promo, restaurant promo, event info, online transpotation advertisement, flight and hotel application ad, automotive product advertisement, and vehicle installment promo

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