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Precisely Advertise on Billboard Jl. Kemang 1

Precisely Advertise on Billboard Jl. Kemang 1
We would like to offer one of our billboard locations located at Kemang 1 Mosque. This location is very strategic, surrounded by a residential area, close to the mosque, and is the access road to apartments and business areas.

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31 March 2017

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Kemang is a very strategic area, filled with large housing, culinary areas, close to malls, and business areas. Kemang is a busy area with a fairly high level of congestion.What about the performance of billboards in Kemang area? Surely advertising in this area is very good and has a very high chance.

One of the billboards we want to offer is a billboard located on Jl. Kemang 1 B. This Billboard is located near the Nurul Al Falah Mosque. Billboard is located close to the apartments. The billboard position is located on a small alley, but has wide and strategic access. This billboard can be seen from the direction of Kemang Utara to Kemang 1.

Being very close to the residential location as well as access to other apartments and areas in Kemang, this billboard can be an option for advertisers to advertise smartly in Jakarta.

Billboard specifications:
Billboard Type: Billboard Vertical
Size: 4x6 M
Side: One Front

For billboards in this location would be more appropriate if used to advertise discount supermarket products, household products, vehicle oil, and online transport advertising. If interested to rent a billboard location in Kemang 1 Mosque, please visit our website at to order this billboard location. Only in OOH Ads, the pioneer of the billboard marketplace, you can find strategic point of billboard location, more than 300 point in Indonesia. So do not hesitate to rent a billboard on OOH Ads.





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