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Advertise Smart on Billboard Jl. Dewi Sartika

Advertise Smart on Billboard Jl. Dewi Sartika
A good product will have the ability to sell if advertised at the right location point. Billboard Dewi Sartika Cawang for example.

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10 March 2017

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A good product would be very good if advertised with a good concept. The concept of a good ad would be more perfect if advertised in the right location. The right location will reach the right target market as well. Like the location point we have in Dewi Sartika Cawang.

This Billboard has the following characteristics:

Size: 5 x 10
Type: Vertical, One Front
Directions of View: From Cawang Towards Cililitan 

The location around Dewi Sartika Cawang is quite strategic, which is surrounded by schools, apartments, offices, hotels, and hospitals. This location is further enhanced by the ACE Hardware shopping center.

With a crowded location crawling in the mornings and afternoons, this location would be most appropriate to advertise the breakfast menu of fast-food restaurants, coffee advertisements, household appliances, prepaid cards, and online transport products. The size that fits the rider's eyesight, will certainly instill a strong brand image in the minds of customers. Especially if the customer passes the path every day. Visual billboard ads will be embedded in the minds of customers, then will cause feelings want to buy.

To find out the location in more detail, contact us immediately or visit our website at We await your ad.

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