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Bekasi and Art Advertise in There

Bekasi and Art Advertise in There
Bekasi is an industrial area, a trading center, as well as a fairly dense area with vehicles. Since Bekasi is a vibrant city, Bekasi is a great opportunity to advertise

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09 March 2017

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Bekasi, a city located on the outskirts of Jakarta. The city can be reached about two hours to three hours by vehicle. The situation is quite crowded and crowded. But because of the density of this city is a great opportunity to place advertising. Many strategic areas to advertise here. Below are some pretty dense points used by advertisers. Where are they? Check it out.

1. Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani Bekasi

Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani, taken from the name of one of the Indonesian heroes. The highway is quite crowded and packed with malls, multi-storey buildings, shopping centers, apartments and hotels.Advertising here is very profitable. Why? Because this area is an area that is often passed by various types of vehicles,As well as various layers of society. Due to the number of hotels, as well as easy access to back and forth to the city of Jakarta, this highway will often be visited by people of Bekasi and outsiders Bekasi.  What ads are suitable to install here? Latest automotive products, latest tv shows, event info, cigarettes, supermarket promo, online transport promo, airline promo, fast food restaurant menu.

2. Jl. Exit Tol Bekasi Barat

Jl. Exit Tol Bekasi Barat is also an area that has a good chance to be fitted with an ad. This West Jakarta toll road is an access to Jakarta and vice versa. It will be very crowded in the morning and evenings of weekdays, as well as day and night during weekends. Because this road is only traversed by four-wheeled vehicles and large vehicles, Then the right advertisement to be installed here is the products associated with the vehicle. Advertising place of recreation, event promo, airline promo, hotel room promo, and automotive products.

3. Jl. Cut Mutia Raya Bekasi

Jl. Cut Mutia Raya has slightly different characteristics compared to Jl. Ahmad Yani. For multi-storey buildings that exist in this area is not equal to Jl. Ahmad Yani, but the opportunity to advertise on Jl. Cut Mutia is also quite large. Because here is an area where several campuses are located. Shops, people's homes, hotels, and business areas are also here so it's perfect for advertising. What ads are appropriate here? Promotional advertising of educational programs, supermarket product advertisements, app promos, housing promos, and shopping promo.

4. Cikarang Bekasi

For this area is the business center area in Bekasi area. Here there are many factories, shops, housing, and other business centers. Advertising here is also a great opportunity. Vehicles that pass here are mostly large cars, trucks, and vehicles of employees. In this place, it would be very appropriate to advertise the products of the companies that are there. Apartment ads, mortgages, prepaid cards, financial products that simplify payments, or supermarket products can also.


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