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Motivation to Forgive

Motivation to Forgive
As ordinary human beings, of course we often experience heartache because of the actions of a person, but in fact forgiving is a very useful thing for life. What does the story look like?

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08 March 2017

There is a little kid who really angry with his close friends. He angry because not lend some toy, then he back home to his father. His father just smiles and take him go fishing, that boy really glad and agree to go fishing with his father.

In fishing pond both of them prepare for the complete fishing rod and baits. They prepare to get a big fishes, but after an hour they haven’t get it yet. A boy become angry, but his father ask him to be patient, later they get a fish, a little boy who have been angry at first starting cheering gladly.

 “ what we going to do with this fish dad? Could we grill it ?” asked a little boy, he imagine how delicious a grilled fish with a ketchup

But his father shake his head “ name these fish with your friend’s name for each fish we got, and keep it inside your bag for several days”

That boy confuses but can do nothing finally he does what his father ask him. After several days he tell his father about it again and complaining about a sting fishes in his bag.

“ what should I do dad?” he asked

“ throw it!” said his father

“ then why you asked me to kept it in my bag?”

 “ to give you advice dear that there were two values you can learn. First, when I took you fishing actually you learned about being patient. All things happen need a time not exactly happen like you want. But, when you get it, see how happy you were right?. It’s the same when you get new friends after long time. And about the fish in your bag, you wrote your friends name on it, you really angry with your friends, right? When your anger change into revenge that you keep in your heart, the hate ness will give a bad smell which ruin your own comfort life, to remove that comfortless throw that hate ness”

A boy reflective listening to his father’s advice. Then he goes to meet his friends and forgive them.  

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