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OOH Ads Pioneer Billboard Marketplace in Indonesia

OOH Ads Pioneer Billboard Marketplace in Indonesia
OOH Ads Indonesia is the first marketplace pioneer in Indonesia. What are the advantages of OOH Ads?

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23 February 2017

The advertising world is full of fierce competition, making the billboard business move static. Entrepreneurs are getting harder to find a new breakthrough. The term marketplace is certainly very familiar to business activists. In January 2017, OOH Ads came to meet the answer of a challenge. OOH Ads is present for agencies who want to widen the marketing of its billboard point through our website. Interested agencies will be offered a contract of cooperation agreement. This will be very beneficial for the agencies, because the network of clients reach will be wider.

Other advantages are:

1. Agency register to us for free

2. Agency just waiting for the order we will give.

3. Save promotional costs

4. We promote your billboard points widely

5. No website costs

6. Payment of commission to us only if there is order from client

How easy and time-saving for the agency. Our website would also be very helpful for advertisers who are looking for billboard points. They can see the point of the billboard they want directly from our website. Our website provides point of location in some areas in Indonesia completely. There is a billboard size, there are types of billboards, there is a map of his location, there is information on his billboard viewpoint, there is a picture of the situation in the billboard area.

Ordering a billboard is as easy as shopping online? OOH Ads the answer.

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