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Billboard Food That Guaranteed Make You Hungry

Billboard Food That Guaranteed Make You Hungry
This food billboard looks like the original!

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11 January 2017

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Early morning leave for work and have not had time to breakfast, or in the afternoon get home work in tired and hungry. Well what if in these conditions, we see a unique billboard advertising food? Drool? More hungry? Or directly look for a restaurant on the billboard to fill your stomach immediately? If you look at the billboards we'll show below, we're sure your answer option is the last one. The food pictures below are the champions. Visible visuals are very similar to the original. More hungry? Check it out.

1. Billboard Steak

See the texture of the meat that looks so real and juicy. With the level of perfect meat maturity like that who does not drool? That's not all. Apparently when we pass near the billboard we will smell the smell of steak that burned. well, so the more hungry right.

2. Billboard Sosis

Image result for Billboard tentang Makanan

Wow, look at the sausage being poked by the fork. It feels like to take the fork and put it in our mouth yes? Seeing the billboard would have you imagine chewing a soft and chewy sausage with a burst of savory flavor. Hmmm ... Yummy!

3. Billboard Pizza 

Steaming Pizza Billboard

Look at the pizza visuals that are split and filled with meat toppings. Extraordinary. Immediately imagine how warm and delicious when the pizza comes into our mouths. Sticky and hot mozzarella cheese will unite create a special delicacy. So hungry!

4. Advertisement of Chocolate Snack Nestle

Watch the brown nestle ad that each piece carried away by birds flying in the air. Note also the texture of a snack wrapped by a thick chocolate that tempts. Wow. Imagine if the chocolate came into our mouths. The combination of sweetness and crunchy is really top of course. Dire really.

How about, bro? Interested to try one of the foods on the billboard?

There are always creative ideas from the advertiser to attract the attention of the audience.

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