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The Most Creative Toothpaste Ad

The Most Creative Toothpaste Ad
This highly creative toothpaste ad will make us stunned

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05 January 2017

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Talking about advertising is never ending. The advertisers are competing to pour his creative ideas to be able to attract audiences. Interesting ads are also expected to boost sales of these products. Here we summarize some unique and creative ads from toothpaste products. Curious? Check it out.

1. Colgate

Notice how interesting this ad is. Because using this toothpaste product, your teeth can glow. Approximately like that message to be conveyed by the advertiser who made it. Here the toothpaste product is likened to a light bulb that can illuminate your teeth.


2. Formula

This ad comes from Indonesia and the idea is also no less interesting. The message advertiser wants to convey is, if using this toothpaste then your teeth can be as strong as steel so it can tear the billboard. Dare to try?


3. Crest

Crest ads do not want to lose out. Advertiser also offers a unique concept. Because of toothpaste advertisements mounted on the train wall, the train bench also turns white. The message the advertiser wants to convey is telling you how great the effects the Crest toothpaste has produced. Very creative. Salut!

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